[Webinar] The danger of ignoring process in council

Lauren Raymond has worked in Council for 6 years in 5 departments across 9 different roles, each with its own set of [unspoken] procedures and [undocumented] operational guidelines. During which time, she learnt first-hand the danger a lack of process has on council and why this needs to change.

Watch for this webinar to learn from someone who has experienced the benefits of a process lead approach first hand, in-council and has since worked with several councils as a Promapp Implementation Consultant.

Lauren draws from her experience, sharing common hurdles, tips, recommendations and lessons learned along the way.

Watch this webinar recording to learn how process management:

- Reduced silos and encouraged staff to talk to each other
- Encouraged cross team collaboration and maximised productivity 
- Allowed all stakeholders to be heard and have input in processes that affected them

- Increased consistency across council and improved the customer experience


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