People Power: Sustaining a culture of positive change

In this increasingly connected world, it should be getting easier for teams to collaborate, share, and learn from each other, but the reality for many is quite the opposite.  A growing problem is the complexity of operations - having teams spread across a range of cities, countries and timezones, and needing to adhere to different standards, can actually make it harder for teams to innovate and improve.

How do you simplify operations, and sustain a consistent improvement culture across geographical boundaries?

Last month we explored some of the fundamentals, like visual leadership and anytime access to processes, that organisations can put in place to start unleashing an unstoppable improvement culture. But once the foundations are in place to create such a culture, how do you sustain it going forward?

Part of it comes down to people.  In this month’s webinar – People & Process: The 7 critical roles to drive sustained improvement (listen here), Ivan looked at the role people play in creating the right conditions for a collaborative culture of change. It is not enough to run improvement initiatives and simply ‘hope’ that changes will be embraced and sustained. The right environment and structure is needed so that people are motivated to participate, and are personally invested in sustaining ongoing change and improvement.

Download our webinar summary to learn more about the seven roles that can help influence a positive culture change in your organisation, and don’t forget to see how your business stacks up with our Process Improvement Fundamentals Checklist.

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