Make Lean part of everyday conversation with Lean Tagging

We’re excited to announce the launch of Lean Tagging - making it even easier for organizations to bridge the gap between lean initiatives and business as usual.

Learn how it works and how it could benefit your organization here.

A better way to battle process variations

Until now, managing process variations has been unnecessarily complex, costly and inconsistent. That’s why 90% of organizations fail at process standardization. 

Find out how Promapp’s new Process Variant Management (PVM) Module makes it easy to establish standardized processes with controlled variations. Learn more.

What’s new in Promapp – Process Costing and more!

Check out what's new in Promapp! In this latest release we’ve taken the guess work out of the financial side of process improvements. Understand how much process changes are costing your organisation and get a good understanding of the resource consumption that a process entails. Read more